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Executive Counselling

As you rise up the corporate ladder and take on senior management and executive roles you can find yourself in an increasingly competitive and stressful environment where every decision is under the scrutiny of your peers, directors and often shareholders.

In these situations there are fewer opportunities to talk openly about your role and how you feel you are performing, and there are fewer people who you can talk with candidly about your career and future with the company.

The Executive Counselling that I provide is completely confidential and can be provided as an on-going service or can be used on an ad hoc basis. Either way, you have the space to be open and honest about any aspect of your role.

“Thank you for my final CV. I found the process extremely helpful and now feel that I have a CV ready should another opportunity arise”

"I examined all my sensations calmly; I could hear myself live, so to speak."

Wonderful Balloon Ascents - Fulgence Marion, 1870.